Appeal won – 4no. dwellings in Green Belt, Bucks

Planning Cheltenham

SF Planning Cheltenham were delighted to secure planning permission for 4no. dwellings in the Metropolitan Green Belt in Fulmer, South Buckinghamshire, following a non-determination appeal against the Council.

The site comprised an existing dwelling and several large utilitarian metal clad barns and outbuildings, in varying conditions. Its redevelopment was seen as a vast improvement in landscape and visual terms, as well as an opportunity to provide much needed new homes with the council currently unable to demonstrate a five-year supply of housing land.

Although national and local planning policy states that the construction of new buildings in the Green Belt is inappropriate, it was successfully argued that this proposal fell within the ‘partial or complete redevelopment of previously developed land’ exception. The principle of development had also been established through an existing permission for 2no. dwellings.

The Appeal Inspector concluded that:

“The proposed dwellings would largely follow the established form, mass and siting of the existing buildings and would be no taller. The bulk of the proposed dwellings would be kept below eaves height with shallow roofs following the form of existing buildings. The construction of four dwellings would make a moderate contribution towards housing in the area in a location within a reasonable distance of a range of day-to-day services and facilities.

I have found that the proposed development would not be an inappropriate development in the Green Belt and would not result in a greater impact on the openness of the Green Belt compared to the existing built form on the site.”

“A huge thank you for a great result on Fulmer. It was the right decision but we know you worked extremely hard” – Private Client.

For more information, or, if you need any help or advice on any similar project, please contact SF Planning Cheltenham: Simon Firkins: or Chris Wilkinson: 01242 231575

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