Approved Pre-Submission Tewkesbury Borough Plan (2011-2031) Consultation

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Tewkesbury Borough Council has now agreed to consult on a draft emerging Tewkesbury Borough Plan (Regulation 19). This proposed version will be submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination. The consultation of the draft emerging Local Plan will take place this Autumn (2019) and will provide a map of likely locations for further future growth and any changes to previous consultations.

The Tewkesbury Borough Plan will be the Borough’s second tier Local Plan and will sit alongside the policies set out in the JCS (Joint Core Strategy). Please note that the Tewkesbury Borough Plan deals mainly with site allocations and development management policies including suggested amendments to the Green Belt boundary.

The Councils’ evidence suggests that there is a need for approximately 9,899 new homes across the area up to 2031. At least 7,445 have been accounted for in the JCS through existing commitments however, this plan deals with the shortfall of sites (2,455) to be allocated and planned for into 2031.

Clients are advised to contact us as soon as possible if you have land proposed to be allocated in the plan, or you would like us to consider representing land not currently included in the draft emerging strategy. 

Please note that at Regulation 19 comments to be submitted will be based on the four tests of soundness; effective, positively prepared, justified and consistent with national policy. The focus will be on the soundness of the plan and its compliance with national policy and/or legislation.

For further information please contact Leanne Whiteman: 

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