Bittenham Springs, Ewen, Cirencester

Planning Permission

SF Planning Consultants were recently involved in an application for planning permission to change the use of a dwelling into a wedding venue in the Cotswolds. Marquee weddings had already been held within the wider site for the past 10 years under the 28 day permitted development however the existing building presented an opportunity to offer a more permanent venue.

We negotiated with the Council during the application process to ensure the principle of the development was acceptable, overcoming concerns from officers on the impact on the Conservation Area and neighbouring residents. Some concern was also raised on the potential access and highway network, however in conjunction with Cotswold Transport Planning this was successfully addressed as part of the process.

The change of use will support the local economy, offering future couples a splendid setting to enjoy their special day!

Should you require help with gaining planning permission for your site, or need any help with an appeal process, then please contact us now: or 01242 231575.

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