SF Planning deals with a large range of application types from individual new dwellings including self-build, to listed building cases through to large-scale development projects.

We will always seek to set out an appropriate strategy, and if a planning application is suggested we can prepare the necessary supporting documentation; we can also decide on any necessary community consultation.  We can guide you and your proposals through the application process including post submission monitoring and management.


If you have received a refusal then you have the right to appeal the decision within 6 months of the decision (or 12 weeks in the case of a Householder application). We can provide assessments on whether or not an appeal should be pursued, and once this is agreed there are three possible appeal options:
  • Written Representations;
  • Informal Hearings;
  • Public Inquiries.

We can help you choose the appropriate route and take you through the process.
We have a wide range of experience, and ability to give your appeal every chance of success.


We can advise on what can be achieved on any given site, and the chances of success.

Depending on the nature of the site, our appraisal is likely to cover the planning history of a site, a review of site constraints and the relationship to Planning Policy, along with a clear strategy for taking a site forward.  We feel that we have a very good understanding of what can be achieved and how to achieve it.


Although we adopt a project management approach to all our applications; large proposals can often include the need for Environmental Impact Assessments.

This requires a high level of coordination, and strategic advice. We can guide you through the process and ensure that there is a consistent approach to the submission documentation.


We can also assist with other specialist projects including:

Design and Access Statements, Presentation to Planning Committees, Certificates of Lawful Use/Development, Contract Local Authority Work, Enforcement Cases, Strategic Planning Advice, Listed Buildings and Conservation, Negotiation or Re-negotiation of Legal Agreements, and Instructions to Barristers.