Continuity of service at SF Planning

The impact of COVID-19 has now been felt by everyone in the country so this is a quick message from SF Planning to ensure that we continue to provide the service that all our clients would expect whilst prioritising the health of our employees, clients, and the wider community.

In line with government advice we are expecting to make a gradual return to the office from 19 July 2021, when all of our offices will be open to visitors on an appointment basis.

Emails and all incoming calls (land-line and mobiles) continue to be dealt with as normal no matter the location of our staff.  Please continue to email us as normal, all the contact details for our staff can be found here.  If the matter is more urgent please call us, either on the usual numbers, or by using the contact details on our staff info pages.

With regard to meetings please consider holding meetings via our video services.  Please get in touch with the individual member of staff to discuss options.  We are using Teams and Zoom for hosting conference calls, and to share screens.  We are also carrying out face to face meetings were appropriate.  We will explain procedures for meetings at our offices

We are of course continuing to carry out site visits subject to appropriate social distancing.

We also request that if you are looking to post anything to us, please consider email first.  If that isn’t possible, please send post to one of our offices.

I hope that explains our approach clearly but if you have any further queries at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly.

Simon Firkins
Managing Director of SF Planning Limited
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