Garden Land Update

It would appear that despite the Government’s changes to PPS3, proposals are being considered in a pragmatic manner by Inspectors.  SF Planning can announce that we recently secured permission on appeal for two dwellings on garden land in Leckhampton, Cheltenham.  The Inspector made the following comment:

“Since the refusal of this application, the Government has altered Planning Policy Statement 3 ‘Housing’ (PPS3) by removing private residential garden land from the classification of previously developed land and removing the requirement for a minimum density for new development.  Whilst the change of status of garden land clearly applies in this case, it should not, in my view, be taken to mean that there should be no development on garden land.”

Our client’s response to the above appeal decision in general: “I would like to thank you for all your help, advice and hard work in achieving this.  As I said to you the other day who needs Counsel when we’ve got SF Planning”

For more detail on this decision please telephone the office and ask to speak to Mark or Simon.  We would be pleased to assist with any comparable situations.

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