Planning appeal success – Cotswold Water Park, South Cerney

Gloucestershire planning appeal success

Gloucestershire planning appeal success

Planning permission was sought from Cotswold District Council on behalf of Colburn Homes, for two dwellings and associated works, on land off Huxley Court, adjacent to Lake 16, Cotswold Water Park, South Cerney.

This site technically falls in the ‘countryside’ as defined within the local plan, because of its position outside of the development boundary. The site is not the subject of any special planning designation, such as Green belt, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or National park where the NPPF indicates development should be restricted.

In addition, South Cerney has grown to become one of the largest settlements in the district and is therefore one of the most socially and economically sustainable developments. Therefore, it has long been recognised in the planning of the district as a principal settlement and a sustainable location for new housing development.

Despite the above, planning permission was initially denied. However, we appealed against this decision and planning permission has now been granted. A great success all round.

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