Planning permission – New homes near Cheltenham Racecourse

planning permission

SFP are delighted to have secured planning permission for 8 new homes near the Cheltenham Racecourse.  The new homes will see the redevelopment of the former farmyard at Hunting Butts farm, which is presently in use for commercial & industrial purposes. The site is located in the Cheltenham Green Belt and in a visually sensitive location along the Hunting Butts ridge.  Working with a consultant team including Tyack Architects, MHP Design, Rappor and All Ecology, a high-quality farmstead conversion style development was designed, reflecting the existing traditional farm buildings adjacent to the site and the overall general agricultural character of the area.

Prior to the submission of the planning application, SFP secured a certificate of lawful existing use and development to confirm that the lawful use of the site was no longer in agricultural use; therefore confirming the site classification as previously developed land.  This enabled the application to be advanced on the basis of the NPPF exemption relating to the redevelopment of previously developed land where there is an enhancement to the openness of the Green Belt. The new development will reduce the amount of building footprint and hardstanding, when compared to the existing site arrangement.  In addition to delivering benefits to the openness of the Green Belt, there will be significant landscape benefits through replacing the non-native conifer trees located around the edge of the site with substantial native tree and shrub planting.

The design of the scheme was well received by Cheltenham Borough Council’s architects panel who said:

‘This development demonstrates positive enhancement to the setting of existing buildings and surroundings with the introduction of attractive barn-like new dwellings and extensive landscaping improvements…

The architectural detailing and references to agricultural buildings is welcome and entirely appropriate for this site.

We are looking forward to seeing the start of construction works in the near future.

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