London Borough of Hillingdon


Client: Private residential

These high-quality residential units maximise the potential of an underutilised former car park in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

SF Planning worked in collaboration with Papa Architects, drawing on the expertise of our wider consultant team. Through proactive pre application and post submission discussions with the Local Planning Authority, we achieved planning permission for 20 new residential units, including on site affordable housing.



This site falls within a predominantly residential area, close to facilities and services on Uxbridge Road and Hayes town centre. We therefore made the case new housing should be considered acceptable in principle. In addition, we demonstrated that redevelopment of the site can provide an overall public benefit to the wider area.

We assisted the architects in ensuring the scheme is of a high-quality nature, resulting in a design that responds to and respects the local character of the area, complementing the adjoining buildings. Ultimately, the scheme makes the best use of an underutilised site and includes economic, social and environmental benefits.

London Plan 2021 & Hillingdon Local Plan Part 1 and 2

Our planning application explicitly demonstrated compliance with all relevant technical planning policies.  Specifically, our knowledge of the London Plan (2021) ) and Hillingdon’s development plan allowed us to ensure that the scheme comprehensively addresses the policies it contains, including:

  • The positive contribution small sites can make to housing delivery
  • Housing quality and standards requirements
  • Sustainable design and infrastructure
  • Cycle parking facilities
  • Car parking standards

Importantly, environmental considerations and sustainability are central to the design. As a result, the environmental performance of the new building in the future is enhanced through CO2 savings, made possible through energy efficiency measures. By providing enhanced landscaping, biodiversity is also increased as a result of the scheme. Additionally, photo-voltaic (PV) cells mounted on the third-floor roof and automatic opening vents (AOV) on the fifth floor will provide ventilation.

The proposal was approved unanimously approved by Hillingdon’s Planning Committee, who were complementary of various aspects of the scheme.