SF Planning: ‘Smarter Planning Champion’


SF Planning has recently been recognised as a ‘Smarter Planning Champion’ by the Planning Portal.  Most of our clients will already know that we submit all of our planning applications online via the Portal.  This is a beneficial method of submission as it:

  • Helps local planning authorities process our applications more efficiently, and;
  • Reduces carbon emissions throughout the process.

The Best Practice employed by SF Planning in this regard will continue as it allows us to work effectively, and without the need to print paper.  The use of the Planning Portal also ensures (in the vast majority of cases) that planning applications get displayed on the relevant Council websites in the best possible manner (using the original electronic files rather than scans of paper copies).

‘Smarter Planning’ is a partnership between planning agents, local planning authorities and the Planning Portal.  It is a recognition that the industry needs to work together to streamline and improve the planning process.  SF Planning is proud to be a part of the initiative, and to be recognised as your local Cheltenham ‘Champion’.

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