Strategic Local Plan Consultation

Strategic Local Plan Consultation

A public consultation for the new Strategic and Local Plan (SLP) has launched in Gloucestershire. The consultation runs until Tuesday 12th March 2024. 

The SLP is a partnership between Cheltenham Borough, Gloucester City and Tewkesbury Borough Councils. The plan will eventually provide the local and cross-boundary strategic planning policies for the three authorities. 

 You can find more details about the Strategic Local Plan consultation here 

If the plan is adopted, from that point onwards, development which is in accordance with the plan should be granted planning permission, unless there are relevant considerations which indicate otherwise. Therefore, it is worth trying to ensure that the policies within the three authorities support your potential development. 

Also, as part of this consultation, the councils are looking to identify sites that should be allocated (for housing and economic purposes) in the new SLP. A site allocation indicates that the principle of development at the allocated site is acceptable. The relevant policies will set out clear guidelines for what each council will expect if a planning application is submitted in relation to that site. Even if a site is not allocated, the council should make an assessment as to its suitability as part of their background work on the local plan. Therefore, a submission can be a useful exercise if you may want to consider future development projects. 

If you have land interests or potential projects in any of the three boroughs then we can help. For more information about responding to the consultation most effectively, or to promote a site, do get in touch. 

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