Affordable homes – planning permission achieved for Badminton Road, Matson and Windrush Road, Tuffley

Planning permission

SFP working in association with Gloucester City Homes, Quattro Design Architects, Barton Hyett, All Ecology and Cotswold Transport Planning, achieved planning permission for the redevelopment of two brownfield sites to provide much-needed affordable housing in Gloucester.

Despite coming up against a number of hurdles during the planning application process, the team was able to work together to resolve these and planning permission was secured. Windrush Road was granted on the 30th July 2021 and Badminton Road was granted on the 26th October 2021.

There remains a very high need for affordable housing in Gloucester, with 5,238 individuals currently on the waiting list for homeseekers. These sites will contribute to the provision of affordable and low-cost housing for members of the local community in the Matson and Tuffley area, providing suitable tenures for a range of needs.

Both sites are ideal for residential development since they are both within built-up residential areas, within easy reach of the city centre and with convenient access to services, facilities and regional and national public transport. The proposals will boost the council’s supply of housing to assist in meeting their housing delivery targets.

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