Further permission in principle success in Wychavon and Tewkesbury

SF Planning are pleased to announce that it continues to expand the number of permissions being secured for dwellings via Permission in Principle (PiP). The PiP route came into force on the 1st June 2018 and aims to provide a fast-track route through the planning process in order to speed up housing delivery.

Allesborough Farm

Land adjacent to Allesborough Farm was a small site leftover from a previous permission by SF Planning, (Ref 17/00432/FUL), back in February 2017 secured via an appeal. The site is located on Rebecca Road on the outskirts of Pershore.

SF Planning successful secured permission from Wychavon District for stage 2 technical details consent (TDC) as set out in the Planning Practice Guidance. The principle of residential development was established by the grant of the PiP application for one dwelling and therefore, during the TDC stage only the detailed development proposals were assessed.

Some minor changes were made during the application to address comments made by the conservation officer however, the planning officer found the issues of design, highways, drainage, ecology and landscape all to be acceptable.

Ash Lane

In relation to Ash Lane, Down Hatherley (in Tewkesbury Borough) SF Planning secured a Permission in Principle for one dwelling recently which is of interest for two main reasons.  The first is that it is a permission on land which is safeguarded for future development in the Joint Core Strategy.  This means that the land is not currently allocated and, technically, subject to Green Belt policies (even though it is not Green Belt) until a review of the adopted Joint Core Strategy deems it necessary to release the land for development.  Notwithstanding this, SF Planning secured permission in principle prior to a review of the JCS.

Secondly, the permission was one of three applications in Tewkesbury Borough to be considered at its first virtual planning committee in May 2020.  Following the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic Tewkesbury Borough Council used Zoom to manage its committee meeting and it was broadcast live on Youtube.  There was a move from committee Members for a site visit to be undertaken and so planning officers requested that we provide a video of the site to be played at the committee meeting.

The permission in principle was granted with 13 votes in favour, and 3 against.

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