Permission for agricultural worker’s dwelling in Wychavon

SF Planning were requested to assist with acquiring planning permission for a new agricultural worker’s dwelling in Wychavon District.

In this instance a long established farm enterprise was operated on mixed land tenures, with roughly half of the farm held in-hand, and the remaining half held under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986. The landlord of the tenanted half elected to terminate the tenancy, which included the principal farmhouse from where the enterprise was run. In order for the farm to continue to be run efficiently, a replacement dwelling was therefore required.

Agricultural worker’s dwellings require comprehensive planning justification which in turn requires specialist agricultural and planning policy knowledge and experience. In this instance SF Planning were able to explain to the Local Authority the need for the new dwelling from the outset and provided a full, policy compliant justification based upon the farm enterprise and its specific requirements.

The application was permitted under delegated powers and we are very pleased to have helped to secure the future of a long established farm-business into the future.

Image Credit:  A Clarke Design


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