Mohamed ElShorbagy vs Simon Firkins


I have played squash for about 40 years, at times to a half decent level. I firmly believe in the benefits of exercise and physical activity and love how squash delivers that in spades. The social side of squash has also provided huge enjoyment for me, alongside the outlet offered by the physical and mental challenge of the sport.

It was thus a huge deal to be invited by Nathan Lake (who we have sponsored for some time) to play at Old Pats Squash Club (my home club and the one where it all started for Nathan) against world No. 1 Mohamed ElShorbagy.  It was humbling and exhilarating to see both Nathan and Mohamed give so much of their time to junior squash players and others in the club and to share so openly some of what it takes to pursue a dream in professional sport; particularly the mental side of the game (being ‘present’ and not letting your performance in the next point/game/tournament be affected by anything that’s gone before) and how that is true for life and business.

I was given a proper ‘lesson’ on and off the court, and it is something I will remember for a long time.  A huge thank you to Nathan Lake, Mohamed ElShorbagy and Old Pats Squash Club.

Simon Firkins, MD, SF Planning


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