The Localism Bill

Eric Pickles MP tweated yesterday that the Localism Bill will be published on Monday 13th December 2010.  It has been delayed several times now, but Pickles is quoted as saying that there will be, Lots of power to Councils”.  We are in fact expecting some powers to be taken away from Local Planning Authorities when it comes to planning decisions, with one of the biggest changes proposed being the establishment of ‘Neighbourhood Plans’.

It is being suggested that ‘Neighbourhoods’ will be primarily based on existing Parish and Town Council areas, but with some areas not having either, it is difficult to see how and whom will set such plans in motion.  Not only will these plans guide acceptable forms of development, they will also potentially introduce local development orders where no planning permission will be required for certain proposals.

These are interesting times, and we will continue in an attempt to keep you updated.

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